Arcon Evo & 3D Architect Home Design SoftwareArcon Evo & 3D Architect Home Design Software



3D architectural home design software for planning and visualising self-builds, extensions, renovations, new builds, loft & garage conversions, outdoor living spaces, kitchens & bathrooms


Whether you're a self-builder, architect, renovator, developer, builder or interior designer, our range of 3D home designer software products provide an all-in-one solution for creating detailed house plans, elevations, cross-sections, CAD details, construction drawings and interactive 3D models and visualisations for planning applications and building regulations. Arcon Evo and 3D Architect software enables building professionals, designers and homeowners to clearly communicate and share design ideas.


Since 2001, our architectual CAD products have been the choice 3D home design software for thousands of building professionals, architects and self-builders in the UK and throughout the world. By working closely with our users, we continue to develop and support our software to ensure it can be adapted to even the most demanding of design projects. Our software continues to be demonstrated at major self-build and home renovating events and in more recent years it has been associated with TV brands such as the popular Channel 4 'Grand Designs'.




Our range of software products that include Arcon Evo & 3D Architect Home Designer are suitable for all levels of experience, quick to learn and will enable you to draw professional floor plans easily. After drawing out your design ideas in a traditional 2D plan display, our software will automatically create a 3D model of your design together with elevation and cross-section views. Included is an interactive 3D environment allowing you to explore, furnish and apply lighting effects so you can create a true impression of how your finished design will look and feel. Analyze your design in detail with the walkthrough function. Enter and explore your 3D model to check for space issues and practicality of your design.

Architectural home design software trusted by architects, construction companies, interior designers & building professionals

Trusted by architects, construction companies, interior designers & building professionals

Key benefits of Arcon Evo & 3D Architect Home Designer

~ Accessible to all with no previous CAD experience required ~
~ Download and start using the software instantly ~
~ Own the software outright with a lifetime licence ~
~ Produce unlimited designs your way ~
~ Suitable for self-builders, architects, home improvers, builders, developers, renovators, interior designers and many more ~
~ Ideal for residential and light commercial design including house extensions, new builds, renovations, loft & garage conversions, outdoor living spaces, kitchens & bathrooms ~
~ Powerful range of CAD tools for creating professional house floor plans & 3D visualisations ~
~ Fully customisable building tools for walls, windows, doors, skylights, roofs, stairs, beams, dormers, balconies, platforms, ceilings, columns, chimneys ~
~ Measurements in metric and imperial ~
~ Plan out and see your ideas in full 3D simply by drawing a 2D plan ~
~ Examine the inside and outside of your design with our 3D walkthrough function and transparent building option ~
~ Interactive graphics for easily modifying building elements and individual component parts ~
~ Create detailed sets for planning applications & building control drawings ~
~ Automatically generate 2D elevations and cross-section views of building from your floor plan ~
~ Manual and automatic generation of roofs and advanced editor for producing simple to complex roof structures ~
~ Create split level buildings and unlimited floors ~
~ Break apart 2D elevation & section views for further editing ~
~ Plan Element mode for modifying elevation & section views quickly using advanced editing tools ~
~ Includes inline measurements for a fast, easy and visual method to make changes to building elements quickly and easily. Works in both 2D and 3D modes ~
~ Enhance your 3D scene with photo backgrounds and landscaping objects ~
~ Software library includes thousands of indoor and outdoor furnishing objects, textures and architectural symbols ~
~ Landscaping tools for marking out building plots, boundaries, paths, driveways, garden walls, ponds and terrains ~
~ Apply indoor and outdoor lighting effects ~
~ Easily import and apply additional textures/materials to your 3D building model ~
~ Flexible export options for communicating design ideas to anyone involved in your building project ~
~ Import and export formats include DXF, DWG, PDF, JPG, BMP, PNG, 3DS, DAE, IFC, KMZ and O2C (3D object format) ~
~ Get started quickly with our step by step guides ~
~ Access to our UK based technical support team, video tutorials, help system, FAQ's and detailed reference manuals ~
~ 100% satisfaction guarantee ~


Home improver or renovator

Home improver or renovator


Extensive range of building tools for drawing detailed floor plans, automated elevations, cross-sections, 3D models & visualisations. Produce unlimited design ideas

Home improver or renovator

With a complete suite of wall editing tools available, you can modify and add to your drawings quickly and easily 

Home improver or renovator

Produce any combination of drawings on a single sheet by adding floor plans, elevations, cross-sections and 3D views.  Ideal for creating drawings suitable for planning submission

Home improver or renovator

Whether you are planning a new build or house extension, choose from our range of home designer products to help bring your designs to life

Home improver or renovator

Completed 2 storey extension. All drawings created in Arcon Evo


What our customers are saying

"In our option study of the CAD packages, we discovered that some were very expensive, and others were simply too basic. Of the remaining packages, the only package that met all of our requirements was 3D Architect Home Designer Pro. 3D Architect Home Designer Pro lived up to it's promise, and we created the drawings we needed for our planning application. We used 3D Architect Home Designer Pro, which allowed us to build our complex model and the merging of our complex roof shapes." - Peter Romanik 

Home improver or renovator

"It’s CAD Jim but not as we know it’, well certainly not in my previous experience. I had been working with my previous software for a number of years until my recent purchase of a dedicated building CAD programme, 3D Architect Home Designer Expert. The difference is immense. Where I previously used a sort of ‘architectural word processor’, I now had access to real precision. My previous programme’s 3D views were unusable, Home Designer Expert’s intuitive and genuinely useful, providing an instant switch between recognisable elevation to plan view. My experience with the company was further embellished by the invaluable and prompt support. Not only is the software excellent, the customer service is superlative" - Michael Purdy



"I have been using various house CAD packages since 2002 (Floorplan, Punch, Chief Architect - tried them all, and bought 4x versions of Arcon) and can honestly say Arcon Evo is head and shoulders above the rest" - Peter Hodgson, Arcon customer since 2005

"Just to say many thanks for the additional guidance, I managed to follow all the steps ok and we have been able to discuss as a family the current working draft which has been really helpful. I will make a new draft with changes we all discussed and hope to use more of the software capabilities" - Andy Nash


Help choose the right product for you

Select an example project type below to help choose the right software package for you!


Self-builder or home improver looking to design their next house or extension and submit the plans to their local authority


Builder or interior designer looking for a simple-to-use software for creating house floor plans and room layouts together with 3D visualisations to show clients


Home improver or renovatorBuilder or developerArchitect or design professionalDIYer


Architect, building professional or architectural technologist looking for an all-in-one software solution for drawing floor plans, presenting visualisations to clients, creating complete set of house plans and working drawings


Whilst Arcon Evo & 3D Architect Home Designer software is primarily aimed at architects, building professionals and self-builders looking to design houses and homes, over the years our software has been extensively used by many others to help with different scenarios and requirements. Below is a small sample of other uses to which Arcon Evo & 3D Architect Home Designer software has been applied:

Interior designers, kitchen planners, bathroom designers, office space planning, estate agents, landlords, property developers, health and fitness centres, planning departments, health and safety, occupational health, social housing, property marketing, window design, conservatory design, solar panel visualisation, safety planning.

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