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3D home design software reviews 2018 UK

Last Updated (20/01/18)

Welcome to 3D Architect’s 3D home design software reviews. A number of customers have sent in their comments about the experience they have had with our programs. We thought we’d share them with you.

Architectural design software reviews

Liam Burges (Arcon Evo):

“As a building design specialist I needed a professional software package to help me draw 2D house plans. These drawings had to be suitable to send to my local council for planning approval. Arcon Evo was the best choice for this and it certainly lived up to my expectations. I have drawn up plans for 3 clients since purchasing this program and all 3 have received planning permission in the last year.”

Steven Lindridge (Arcon Evo):

“I’m an architect and have been using this tool for the last couple of years. I will be buying the next upgrade when it comes out. I found the customer service and support has been brilliant, Tim and Julian at 3D Architect have always assisted whenever I needed some help or had a question. I could email my project across and they would send it back with the issue fixed and also a personal step by step guide for my own learning.”

Arcon Evo professional house design software

Professional home design software reviews

Riley Hatcher (3D Architect Home Designer Pro and Building Regs 4 Plans Pack):

“Great product for a builder - I have managed to reduce my costs by drawing plans for my customers myself using this software. When before I had to pay an architect to create the plans for me. The Building Regs 4 Plans Pack went well with the Pro software as I could import UK building regulation drawings straight into the project.

Kevin Munro (3D Architect Home Designer Pro ):

“A decent program for designing all types of house extensions to loft conversions, conservatories, garages etc. The 2D aspect is very detailed with a number of drawing tools available to perfect floor plans, elevations and cross sections. My favourite feature was the ability to add cavity wall detail. It really has been made with the builder in mind.”

3D Architect software reviews

3d architect software reviews

Lisa Stanley (3D Architect Home Designer Expert):

“In summary, this is certainly one of the easiest to use home design packages I have bought. I was drawing walls in minutes. There was a little bit of a learning curve like you’d expect from any software program, but it was quick to pick up, quite intuitive. I’m not very computer illiterate, however I was getting stuck in and with good success. My husband and I are enjoying it, we have both designed our own variation of the house.”

Tommy Langley (Expert version):

“The 3D aspect is really good, the model looked realistic. We could see what our new self-build will look like. The software was a decent communication tool. It was fairly quick to draw the plans up our self and then provide them to our architect. It just helped get our vision right.”

Home design software reviews

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