Best easy to use home design software comparison

Our best easy to use home design software developed for the UK market is Arcon Evo and the 3D Architect house plan software range. Our programs really stand out from the competition since most others are American and ours has been specifically designed for the UK market. Within the software, the extensive catalogue of windows and doors have been designed to meet the British standards. The advanced windows editor allows you to alter the design exactly how you want it and further adjusting of all dimensions is possible too.

A very powerful and detailed program that produces astonishing results. But at the same time it’s very fast and is simply the best easy to use home design software on the market. This is in contrast with AutoCad and many other cheap or expensive software packages you may come across which are more difficult to use.

The best home design software overview


Draw your floor plan, add windows and doors, edit the walls thickness/height, add the measurements and put it all together to scale. Add the roof, apply textures and materials, insert picture of neighbourhood into the background. Visualise your property in stunning 3D as an interactive model. Obtain planning permission with plan mode by creating automatic side elevations and cross sections where every parameter can be edited.

This can all be accomplished with no previous CAD experience and the software has little to no learning curve.

Easy to use House design software comparison Although Arcon Evo is the most expensive version, the Basic, Expert and Pro package all function in exactly the same way with regards to interface layout. The difference between them lies with the varying features they all have.

Best easy to use home design software comparison

3D Home Designer Basic - ideal entry point in to house design software

The 3D Architect Home Designer Basic is created for someone who isn’t serious about their property development plans. They only want to play around with some ideas for fun.

3D Architect software Expert - software for self-builders looking to design their own home or house extension

The Expert version is another top uncomplicated 3d house design program and the next step up from the Basic. It is ideal for the self-builder, renovator or someone looking to design their next house extension. The key feature that differentiates this from the Basic is the plan mode assistant for producing detailed drawing sets for planning applications. Furthermore there is the instant 2D elevation viewer and the ability to break apart elevation views. The Expert has the terrain brush for fine ground detailing. Set geographic locations through Google maps. Simulate lighting affects by setting the time of day. There is a more extensive range of windows and doors including bi-folding. The wall catalogue offers multi thickness wall types in comparison to the Basic. You can use 2D drawing tools to create 3D models and modify wall levels at varying heights. In addition, the walls can be separately textured.

A brilliant feature the Expert has is import and export of DXF and DWG files. You can import an existing floor plan you may have straight into the project and trace around the lines with the wall drawing tools.

You are entitled to support over the telephone, other optional training courses and support packages are available should you like to consider them.

3D Architect Home Designer Pro - software suitable for builders looking to design building projects for their clients

The Pro is the upgrade from the Expert. This is the best program to draw house plans for the builder, property developer or designer. You can save unlimited plan layouts to use for future projects. The Pro has detailing tools for working and building control drawings. You can add cavity wall detail to your project and use the advanced wall junction options in contrast to the Expert. The layering function is very useful for adding wall hatchings and wrapping detail around windows and doors. Create multi building developments and merge multiple roof intersections with advanced wall outline editing

Arcon Evo software

Arcon Evo - powerful architectural home design software offering an extensive range of CAD tools for all aspects of building design

The best easy to use home design software is awarded to Arcon Evo, a professional floor plan software used by Architects and some building specialists with building control knowledge. The multiple tool bar variant separates itself from the other products from a visual perspective with its light grey interface. You can add your 3D model project in Google earth to view in situ on the correct plot. Arcon Evo has it’s very own plan elements mode which isn’t present in any of the other easy to use home design software packages. Here you can produce 2D sections, elevations and drawing details. Use flexible 2D drawing and editing tools to easily modify these sections, elevations and drawing details. Change the dormer on your house with the advanced dormer editor and view each rooms height line. This program supports mobile 3D visualisation on tablets via the O2C viewer. A very aesthetically pleasing feature is the timber construction display in the roof, floors and walls. Another nice feature includes the automatic text display of construction element properties.

You are able to exchange project related data via the IFC BIM interface. STL export capabilities for 3D printing. Additional support formats include PDF,3DS and DAE.

Arcon Evo is the ultimate simple to use cad software for home design. Click here for the home design software comparison chart.