3D Home Design Software Comparison

Whether you are a self-builder, architect, builder or home improver, our comparison table will help towards picking the right product for you!  This is a guide only and choosing the right product also depends on your building design requirements. For example, if you are a self-builder we recommend our 3D Home Designer Expert edition however, if your design project includes a complex roof structure then you may want to consider 3D Home Designer Pro that allows multiple roofs to be merged together. Take a look at the features below to help you decide.

Arcon Evo Pro 3.0
3D Architect Home Designer Pro 3D Architect Home Designer Expert 3D Architect Home Designer
Suitable for:
Self-builders - - -
Home improvers - - -
Renovators - - -
DIY enthusiasts - - -
Builders - - -
Property developers - - -
Interior designers - - -
Architects - - -
Architectural technologists - - -
CAD technicians - - -
Planning departments - - -
Extensive toolset for creating professional house floor plans and 3D visualisations
Interactive dialogue boxes and tool options
Alternative icon display
- - -
Single layered walls
Multi-layered walls inc. cavity walls, timber construction - -
Save your own wall constructions to library - -
Layering function for adding wall hatchings and wrapping detail around windows/doors - -
Advanced wall junction options - -
Fully customisable building elements for walls, windows, doors, skylights, roofs, stairs, beams, dormers, balconies, ceilings, columns, chimneys
Range of different stair types including flexible staircase designer for defining all elements of the stairs, balustrades, risers, treads, construction type.
Universal stair tool for defining own outline/shape of staircase - - -
Explore the inside & outside of your building with our 3D walkthrough function
Landscaping tools for marking out plot, paths, ponds etc and for setting height levels
Terrain brush for fine ground detailing -
Library containing 1,000's of furnishing objects, textures & materials
Import additional objects from Sketchup 3D Warehouse
Add realism with 3D textures
In-line measurements in 2D & 3D for directly modifying selected elements
Set geographic position through Google Maps -
Set time of day and simulate lighting effects -
Add 3D model to Google Earth to view in situ on the correct plot - - -
3D textures and bump-mapping capabilities
Instant elevation viewer -
Break apart 2D elevation & section views for further editing -
Display 2D cross-section of building -
Display cross-section of building in 3D mode
- - -
New Plan Element mode for generating library of elevations, building cross sections, individual plan views & drawing details - - -
Plan Element mode for modifying elevation & section views quickly with advanced drawing and editing tools - - -
Easily remove unwanted detail on elevations and section views with the hide line feature
- - -
Standard Plan mode for producing drawing sets for planning applications -
Advanced Plan Layout mode for producing consistent professional plan sets e.g. planning applications, building regulations, working drawings, site plans, plumbing/heating/electrical layouts
- - -
Detailing tools for working and building control drawings - -
Trace over existing paper copy of a plan or drawing with our Scan Assistant -
Dormers x 8
Advanced dormer editor - - -
Extensive range of windows & doors including bi-folds -
Manual and automatic generation of roofs
Merge/trim multiple roofs together to create complex structures - -
Room height line display - - -
Convert basic 2D shapes to 3D objects -
Timber construction display in roofs
Extended timber display detail in roofs - - -
Advanced timber construction editor - - -
Timber construction display in walls & floors - - -
Automatic text display of construction element properties - - -
Create multiple building drawings - -
Modify wall levels at varying heights -
Add material areas anywhere on wall -
Live real-time rendering
Large database of construction elements
Supports metric and imperial measurements
Import and Export DXF/DWG files -
Exchange project-related data via the IFC BIM interface - - -
STL export for 3D printing capabilities
- - -
Other supported formats include 3DS, DAE
- - -
Compatible with Twinmotion 2021 - Real-time immersive 3D architectural visualization - - -
Save to PDF
Save to 3D object for anyone to view in our free standalone o2c player
Save to image file (JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, GIF)
Microsoft® Windows® 11, 10, 8, 8.1 or 7

Technical support, assistance, tools and guides for getting up and running quickly

Interactive help, tooltips, manuals
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