Designing Interiors and Space Planning in Your New Home

Finding the perfect home is a milestone you’ll look back on for years to come. You’ve got your wish list and know the things you’re willing to compromise on but have you considered what type of home is going to suit your lifestyle and plans for the future?

Many house hunters make common mistakes when it comes to choosing a floor plan that fits their needs so if you’re searching for the perfect home take a look at this design advice from new home builder Strata.

Consider the original floor plan…

When designing home interiors, it is important to understand why the home has been designed in that way and then skilfully make the very most of the space you have to work with. Successful interior design always starts, and ultimately ends with how the space will be used and by who and how many.

Try to imagine yourself in the position of the architect. Every home has been designed and built with a certain layout and lifestyle in mind and there are often only a handful of options for key pieces of furniture to go. Put these pieces in place and then try to work the rest of the room around them.

Collate inspiration…

There’s so much more to designing a strong interior style than a great aesthetic, so start by creating mood boards using Pinterest or magazine cut outs and fabric samples to build a vision. There is so much inspiration to be found.

It is important to create a space which works for you and your family and a great way to do this is to visit a selection of new build show homes and absorb the style, taking note of complimenting colours, layout and furniture.

Once you have visualised your favourite styles, you can start to think about incorporating current trends, thinking about colours, textures and materials, as well as how your existing furniture is going to work in the space.

Don’t forget about flow…

If your new home has an open floor plan, the flow between rooms is crucial to creating a relaxed atmosphere. Typically, open plan spaces are bright and airy, perfect for the summer months but equally this comes with a caveat as you’ll need to dress with warmer furnishings to make it feel cosy when the winter months roll in.

Often oversized furniture can ruin the flow of a room, opt for smaller pieces of furniture to compliment the surroundings by selecting hero pieces to zone your different spaces.

Think of years to come…

Every family has different priorities for making their home work for them. It might be that you want to create a dedicated child-friendly zone or a cornered off play area that keeps toys out of the main living space. By having these ideas in your mind whilst mapping out the space you can be sure the house is the right fit.

One other thing to bear in mind is ensuring the house is able to grow with you and your family in the years to come. If you have young children, imagine how their bedroom will need to change as they get older, incorporating larger beds, more storage and a study zone.

If your children are soon to fly the nest, imagine how the house will feel and picture adapting the space to meet the needs of your new lifestyle.

Revisit your original vision…

If you feel you are getting carried away by bargain furniture and your loved one’s opinions, it might be time to revisit your original mood board and refocus your vision. Remember, finding and designing your perfect home takes time so ensure you take a step back, before you make radical changes as this will often shape the way you approach your room layout. You may not know what you need in your home until you have spent some time living and breathing your space.