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Easy Electrics

Quick Overview

Easy Electrics™ is a specialist program designed specifically for electricians who mainly do small and large domestic works and contains some elements of commercial works. The program allows you to price room by room, with ease and the complete satisfaction that nothing has been forgotten about. Watch the movie below to see the Easy Electrics™ program in action.

There are thousands of interactive 3D diagrams throughout the program giving you a visual explanation about what’s being priced or what the program’s asking you to enter. Simply enter the information in to clearly marked boxes and the program will make thousands of calculations for you, giving you any material, plant and labour costs for the job in hand. The program will work out the material, plant and labour costs and how long it will take to complete the job whilst giving you full control over fine-tuning the details and using your own company costs.


Time is money and nobody likes wasting either...

You’re probably looking at estimating software because you want a better solution to the way you currently price work, with estimating software you will be able to cut down the time spent at home or in your office pouring over paperwork and spend more time onsite or doing the things you enjoy more.


Job-winning quotation and reports…

You want to show your prospective client that the service you deliver is professional, what better way than to send them a detailed set of reports outlining each stage of works, a work schedule and a detailed written quotation? These reports not only impress your client but they give them confidence in you and your business. From the information entered in to the program, a range of reports are automatically generated for you and your client.

Setup and installation…

We want to help you get going as soon as possible and that’s why, when you purchase Total Build - Bricklayers estimating program, we offer a setup service completely free of charge. We don’t charge for sending the software either (we email it as well as send out a hard copy), enabling you to get started on the day that you purchase. Once you’ve received your software, one of our friendly support team can remotely connect to your computer and set the programs up for you – so no headaches for you and you can start pricing within the hour! 

Material, plant and labour costs…

We provide an extensive default library with the Total Build programs that contains a range of different material, plant and labour items and prices called the Central Library. You can customise the Central Library to suit your business by adjusting items manually or by using the regional download feature which will give you average prices for your region.

System requirements

Windows Minimum requirements

  • Windows 7 or above (incl. 7, 8, 8.1 and 10)
  • Microsoft Office Excel 2010 and above (32bit)
  • Minimum of 4GB Ram
  • Minimum of 500MB Hard Disk space
  • C Drive