Adding another building to the plan

Often during a design project, you will need to make use of more than one building. This could be for simply a garage or outbuilding, a neighboring property, multiple house sites or to create a complex design with varying floor heights (i.e. Split level buildings. To add a new building:

1) Use the Layer/Floor selection drop down on the top toolbar as shown below and click on the option for ‘New Floor’

How to add new building to the plan

2) On the dialogue box that opens choose ‘In a new Building’

Add a new building in the plan

3) In the next dialogue box, give the building a label (name)

Specify wall height

4) Then set the floor height options etc. as normal

Copy floor plans to the new building

5) If you select to copy the walls of the existing building, they will be placed in the same location as the original, you can then drag them to the new location.