Interior Design Tips

Whether you are moving house or just contemplating on revitalising your living environment, look no further! We have some interesting ideas put together to assist you on this journey.


If any rooms within your house feel small, try painting the walls with a lighter colour to increase the sense of space. On the contrary if painted darker one may feel more enclosed.

interior design tips


Interior design can shine through with an increased number of windows or their size that’ll also let in more natural light and help you to connect with the outside too.


Insert some stylish mirrors especially facing opposite the windows as this will create the optical illusion of space, expose more light and add dimension.


Plants are an inexpensive accessory that can really give your interior design an edge over others, but don’t overdo it. Apart from their stunning appearance they also help to purify the air in your house.

interior design tips

Hanging pot holders

Hanging pot holders instantly make kitchens stylish, makes it easier to cook, provides a busier look and frees space in the cupboards.

Area rugs

Showcase your personality with rugs with nice textures and patterns. Although wooden floors look elegant they lack the warmth and cosiness feeling an area rug can provide.

First impressions

For many years first impressions have been cared for the most from Georgian to Victorian times. This is why you see beautiful house entrances with luxury tiles, carpentry and lighting. So if you’ve decided to improve your interior design we suggest you start with the front door. Adding a gloss finish to your front door or hanging a stunning chandelier in your hall way are greats places to start!

Design & detail

Excellent interior design pays attention to detail. Invest in some shiny door knobs, draw handles, light switches. These are fixtures and fittings we use every day.

When considering the room as a whole it is advised to create symmetry because this is visually appealing. It is important to have balance, this could be with regards to the objects different sizes and colours.

If you are decorating the room with a sofa, you should try out getting one in blue velvet. This is pure luxury and its textures are increasingly in the spotlight.


Mix expensive, inexpensive furniture, textures and patterns. That antique table between the sofas could tell a story about your great grandad. The past. Whereas this modern settee tells a story too. About your present. Regardless of the furniture type, diverse colours will bring texture and warmth to your living area. Professional interior designers emphasise how your living space should reflect your personality and style.

interior design tips

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