The modular marketing platform for the interior furnishings industry


A marketing platform for web, POS and mobile devices: With our modular InteriorStudio, you can effectively present your interior products in a natural room environment and efficiently control your marketing activities in all digital marketing channels. InteriorStudio presents your interior products online in a natural room setting, used by over 80 manufacturers worldwide to enhance marketing and sales materials.


Smart product connection display

Show customers which accessories and alternative products you offer based on their current selection. When integrated into your online shop customers can choose products, place them interactively into room photos and place their orders directly.



Split view module

Split a photo into two sections to show different products side by side. The separation line can be moved to the right or left by pressing the mouse button or by dragging on touch screens. The differently configured sections of the room photo are immediately visible, enabling a direct product comparison.


Online shop integration

Link InteriorStudio directly to your website, close the gap between product presentation and checkout with a with full product search capability. From the product search to visualisation to order in just a few mouse clicks.



Live presentation

To make an appointment for a live presentation and to learn more about the InteriorStudio platform, please email Tim Bates at tim.bates@veeuze.com or call +44 (0)20 4542 6800