3D Architect Home Designer Pro

3D home designer software for house builders and property developers


House builders who need detailed working drawings and accurate floor plans will benefit from the ease of use of 3D Architect Home Designer Pro - home builder software. This construction planning and building design software is an easier alternative to more complex CAD drawing programs for creating facility plans building plans, office layouts and other architectural projects.

3D Architect Home Designer Pro floor designer software is a powerful design and communication tool for builders wanting to communicate building design projects to their clients. Draw walls, rooms and buildings quickly and accurately with dedicated, fully customizable tools. Then add other construction features with fast drag-and-drop modules. Additional floors and construction layers can be added easily. Change measurements, scale, color and textures at the touch of a button. With a single click of your mouse, enter 3D mode where you can add furniture, lighting, change the decor and present your design to clients by taking them on a virtual walk through of the building. 3D Architect Home Designer Pro floor plan software will enable you to easily draw your building to levels suitable for planning submissions and apply to building regulation information to your architectural 2D drawings.

Modern user interface with all the construction tools required for creating professional floor plans

The modular tool-set of 3D Architect Home Designer Pro provides tools and icons for specific elements of the design in a logical manner. Easily identifiable, each tool will guide you through a particular part of the design process and will be familiar to anyone having used Windows based software. Each tool can be customized and adapted to your preferred drawing style with full flexible options, easily accessed at any time.

Create split level buildings

Not all building plots are level and often a design will need to include split levels within the building. This could range from a simple step-down kitchen through to a hillside home staggered with the slope of the site. It is simple to overcome these design issues enabling you to create design solution perfectly suited to your plot requirements.

Draw estates and multi-building developments

With the ability to create multiple buildings per project file, 3D Architect Home Designer Pro is flexible enough to enable you to design entire developments and plan estates.

Import dxf and dwg files

DXF/DWG - Import standard CAD files, ideal to use as an existing basis for a plan, for site plans or for detail blocks for building control drawings.

3D Architect floor designer software screenshot

Create detailed drawing sets for planning applications

With fast and accurate drawing tools, creating scaled floor plans, elevations and cross-sections is one of the key strengths of 3D Architect Home Designer Pro. All plans and elevations are produced to scale with flexible control over scale, paper size and measurement units. The Plan Mode Assistant provides even greater control of your layouts, enabling you to produce single pages containing multiple views and floor plans. Ideal for planning applications, floor plan presentations to clients or service information for each trade.

Further enhance 2D drawings with building regulation information

Tools available for creating construction detail drawings or import existing ones in DWG / DXF format. Can also be used with our Building Regs 4 Plans pack available for download through our website.

Architectural drawings

Customizable wall construction types

Walls come complete with a number of standard settings in the library. These wall settings can be completely customized to change the library or create your own for future projects. Walls can be completely customized right down to specifying each individual layer of a wall. Advanced editor includes layering option for adding detailed hatching to walls and around windows/doors.

Modify existing walls with flexible editing tools

The 3D Architect program provides you with the flexibility to produce drawings in your own way and when you need to change your plans, nothing could be simpler. With a complete suite of wall editing options available, amending, modifying or adding to your drawings is quick and intuitive. Simply select the tool that matches what you want to change and edit the wall. With options to enable you to change lengths, angles, wall ends, splitting walls, merging and trimming walls you can always ensure your designs can evolve with your requirements.

Advanced editors including variable stair constructions, complex roofs, dormers etc.

Generate complex staircases. You can adjust the parameters and see the changes instantly in 3D. Supports many stair types. When placed, stairs will automatically create a ceiling cutout for the stairwell. Taking our expertise in simplifying the creation of complex roof structures a stage further, our new roof designer provides clearer dialogue options to help understand the elements that can be controlled. With more flexible details available to each roof side, the construction and display of even the most complex of roofs is easier than ever before. Join multiple roof constructions together. Create unique designs using the powerful dormer window tools. With all of the standard dormer styles available from a single menu option. Select the correct profile and customize as required with full control over pitch, window size and quantity and advanced options such as roof breaks.

Produce simple or complex roof designs

In-line measurements

The new in-line measurements feature provides a fast, easy and visual method for making direct changes on-screen in and around selected elements. Usable in both 2D mode and 3D mode, in-line measurements can be used to change the size and position of windows, doors, walls, roofs, skylights, dormers, furniture items etc.

Metric and imperial measurement units

Unlike similar systems, 3D Architect software for home design is created to cater for either metric or imperial measurement units. Define your preferred units for each project whether it’s metres, millimetres or feet and inches. Even swap from metric and imperial and back again at anytime

Customisable window and door types including bi-folding

Extensive window and door customization tools allows for endless variations to be produced. Select an existing type from the library and change any aspect to ensure it suits your design requirements. Save your selections, preferences and new designs to the library for use in future projects.

Customizable window and door types

Over 10,000 objects, textures and materials for furnishing your project

The standard library contains interior and exterior objects for the furnishing and fittings of your project. Included are objects for bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, dining, gardens, offices and many more. All objects can be amended and modified, resized and adjusted as required. Apply textures to surfaces, objects, fixtures and fittings to change their appearance and style. Add materials to provide reflective surfaces, glass properties and mirrored finishes. Also includes 3D Warehouse interface for adding other furnishing items directly to your design.

House design 3D visualization

Advanced landscaping tools for marking out property/ground area, paths, ponds etc.

Use the advanced landscaping tools to mark the boundaries of your building plot or site. Break the area down into individual gardens, driveways and paths using the ground area tool. The add contours using the land topography tools or even individual height points for a realistic visualization of your building plot

Scaled drawing with full dimension tools

Scaled drawings often need to be annotated with precise information confirming sizes, angles, distances etc. 3D Architect software for home design comes complete with a full quota of dimension types to suit all requirements. From simple distance measurements right through to radial and arc dimensions, you can ensure you can fully annotate your drawings.

Instant architectural elevation viewer

Due to the technology involved in providing 3D models from 2D floor-plans, 3D Architect can quickly produce elevation views for your designs. Commonly required as part of the planning process, elevations provide a scaled 2D view of each face of the building (normally from the standard compass points of North, East, South and West).

Iinteractive architectural 3D models

Automatically convert detailed floor plans to interactive 3D models

3D Architect Home Designer Pro enables you to draw in a more flexible environment than ever before. With two distinct workspaces, you can quickly and accurately design floor plans in our 2D construction mode and check the results instantly in the 3D model in design mode.

Share information with advanced export functions

There are a number of ways to share your plans, drawings and models. Create image files of your 2D and 3D views, save your plans as pdf files, produce a 3D model in o2c format to share with clients or export your plans in CAD formats compatible with other software systems.