Loft conversion, attic or house extension

Loft conversion or other house extension can not only provide an extra space for additional living e.g. sitting room, home office or bedroom but also beneficial when selling the property.

Hiring an architect and paying for each consultation can be expensive, time-consuming and often stressful, especially when the architect’s proposed design doesn’t match your brief of how you expect the loft conversion or house extension to look.

Take control of your design and get the loft conversion or house extension you really want with 3D Architect Home Designer range of software. It is quick to learn allowing you to easily draw out the floor plan, add dormers, staircases, place the roof and define its structure. Take a further step and apply textures and colours to the walls, then furnish the interior. View your project's plans in 3D.  


Design loft conversion

Draw the floor plan

Start by drawing a floor plan for your project. Click on the walls and place them to create the shape of a loft conversion or house extension. Powerful guidelines, rulers, origins, grids and measures will help you to ensure that your floor plan accurately meets actual house plan specifications.

Design custom roof 

With advanced roof editing tools, you can create the style that is right for your loft conversion. Choose a roof from variety of styles, such as pent, gable, half-hipped or other. With 3D Architect home design software you can create and edit custom style roof designs and join multiple roof constructions together. Once placed, modify the roof properties from pitch and eaves height right through to wood construction details. 


Stairs to loft conversion

Create more light with dormers and skylights

Make your loft conversion or house extension liveable by adding skylights and dormer windows for more light. Choose from a wide range or dormer and skylight types, such as gable, box-type or arched/eyebrow dormer windows and rectangular, dual pane or arched skylights; and place them on the roof. Customise the window size, pitch and materials and other features. All the structural elements, such as framing and roof cut-out around the dormer will be automatically adjusted.

Fully flexible staircase designer

With 3D Architect it is very easy to place a staircase design in to your loft conversion project. The flexible staircase tool allows for much greater freedom of design. Choose from a myriad of options to define all elements of the stairs, balustrades, risers and treads. Customise your 2D display to suit your preferred presentation style. When placed, stairs will automatically create a ceiling cut-out for the stairwell.  


Design loft conversion or house extension

Customise materials, textures & colours

Choose from many types of materials and textures for interior and exterior walls, roof; change colours, furnish the floor with materials like hardwood, stone, tile or import your own. Enhance your design with lighting, shadows and reflections.


See your loft conversion in 3D

A 3D view can give you a better impression of your design. From your 2D plan, generate a 3D visualisation in a single mouse click. Fully interactive 3D model will enable you to examine your design from every viewpoint. You can also walk through it to get a real feel of the living space.


Set of architectural drawings of loft conversion

Create documentation and export your files

Share your loft conversion, house or attic extension plans with family and contractors. 3D Architect supports a variety of common graphics formats, including BMP, PDF,  Autocad or o2c. You can also print floor plan drawings to scale.


Submit your project to planning submission

With 3D architect you can create professional drawing sets of the loft conversion or house extension floor plans and elevations for submitting to your local planning authority.


Recommended software to plan and visualise loft conversion or house extension plans


3D Architect Home Designer Expert

Design and create your own loft conversion or any other house extension project with 3D Architect Home Designer Expert. The toolset includes the ability to produce scaled accurate house floor plans and elevations for planning submissions.


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