Support Documentation for Arcon Evo and 3D Architect Home Designer software

Getting Started Manuals


Download PDF getting started manuals for Arcon Evo & 3D Architect Home Designer software


Reference Manuals


Download PDF reference manuals for Arcon Evo & 3D Architect Home Designer software




Download PDF brochures and feature lists for Arcon Evo & 3D Architect Home Designer software



How-To Guides & Advanced Techniques


  1. Adding objects to the database
  2. Changing the 2D display of a 3D object
  3. Inserting 3d models from other sources
  4. Amending heights of individual walls
  5. Merging multiple roof structures
  6. Adding another building to the plan
  7. Creating a split level building (Arcon Evo)
  8. Creating a split level building (3D Architect)
  9. Creating and managing layered wall structures
  10. Stretching a section of a building using numeric input
  11. Snap settings – snapping to the correct layer
  12. Amending the background colour and landscape layer (3D Design Mode)
  13. Adding railing / border object to the floor plan
  14. Creating Elevations and Plan sets in Arcon Evo
  15. Plan mode in 3D Architect software
  16. Floors, Buildings & Layers Manager in Arcon Evo
  17. Drawing bay windows
  18. Add a material area to wall
  19. Importing Sketchup models from Trimble 3D Warehouse
  20. Creating a sash window
  21. Importing DXF/DWG files
  22. Importing Building Regs drawings
  23. Mountain range tool
  24. Changing 3D object symbol
  25. Edit title block in Arcon Evo
  26. Floor height dialog Arcon Evo
  27. Floor height dialog 3D Architect
  28. How to draw a scale bar
  29. How to export your drawing to PDF
  30. Exporting 3DS files from Arcon Evo in to Twinmotion
  31. Adding a glazed roof lantern to your design
  32. Texture Import Assistant
  33. Adding a beam at a different level to ceiling height
  34. Drawing a cross-section of building
  35. Changing the height of pent or flat roof