User experience design by Danielle Durkan


So, what is user experience, you ask? Its all about the experience a user has whilst in a space or whilst using a product, however I want to talk to you about interior design and user experience.

It is one of my favourite topics. It can really help an interior to be more impactful. If you have a business and you have not considered this, your missing out. Human emotion is a powerful tool when it comes to decision making. When it comes to spending money or investing our time, our emotions are key to this. Time is precious and so is money. With choice at a premium nowadays, people need a good reason as to as to why to eat at your restaurant, drink at your bar or relax in your spa. Just because you provide a product or a service, does not guarantee you business.

Therefore, I urge people to realise that you need to be memorable! Give you customers/users the ultimate experience so that you are at the forefront of your mind. Doing this is not always easy!

This is most important for bars, restaurants, hotels, and spas.

What we need to remember is now heavily involved emotions are with regards to how much people spend money. Initially we may go to a restaurant for a meal or a drink, but if we are enjoying our surroundings, the atmosphere and what we are consuming, chances are we will stay longer and spend more money, due to increased endorphins and all the feel-good factors involved. You are also more likely to share with people about what a great time your having and due to the rise in social media, this can really boost business, so it is important to give them a great backdrop for their insta feed.

People like to feel special, so the treatment they receive is so important, we want to create a lasting impression. This can be done in a number of ways, the presentation of staff members, the background music, the scenting of the air, the temperature, the finishes used, such as table cloths, seating finishes etc. The interior design and layout of a space can make such an impact in encouraging the sort of behaviour that encourages people to spend more money and want to come back again and again. We must remember, that people can do many of these things at home, therefore our spaces need to be better that anything they could experience at home. Its about creating an atmosphere that is cohesive with your message and brand, it is about setting the tone and expectations for the user. Notice that with certain styles of interior come different behaviours and types of clientele. People must feel like they fit in a space, so that they feel comfortable enough to stay and of course spend. A company’s branding usually helps dictate the type of people attracted to the space. The purpose of the space also really dictates the atmosphere, for example a spa needs to be relaxing, therefore bright colours and hard materials will not work here. In these spaces, it is essential that there is comfortable seating, and variety.

People love choice, so providing a few options when it comes to seating is important, some people will be using your facility for different reason, 1 drink, 1 course, or a much longer stay, so they want to feel relaxed and that they can be seated elsewhere should the night progress. So, lets introduce formal, and casual seating. For the more casual seating, sofas should be the kind you sink into and don’t want to get out of, placing seating in a way to encourage groups of people to join together is also important, the more people meet each other, the more likely they are to spend more time getting to know each other.

This is not the only factor involved, materials, layout and lighting also really dictate the atmosphere in a space. If you are trying to create a more elegant space, is all about luxury, then lower lighting may be the direction to go in. Below are some of the most famous restaurants in London and New York that scream romance and elegance, perfect for a date! The atmosphere and interior is what attracts people to spend time in these sorts of spaces, and that are bound to stick in someone’s mind creating that memorable experience.

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